Welcome to the botanically infused world of Emily Snadden - Studio Jeweller.

Emliy is a formally trained Tasmanian jeweller renowned for her distinctive style. Her signature designs are detailed, intricate and skillfully manufactured via traditional gold and silversmithing techniques. 


Passionately focused on exceptional design, her practice is driven by a desire to develop beautiful bespoke heirlooms in precious metals and native Australian gemstones. She is highly sought after for her unique approach to design, skillful manufacturing and attention to detail.

Available all year round, the ready to wear collections can be purchased via the online store, at the Studio or at local events. These Tasmanian inspired collections feature iconic native flora such as Nothofagus Gunnii, Leatherwood, Eucalyptus and more. You can also work directly with Emily to design and realise your own custom made pieces.  

Emily trained in the Jewellers Association accredited BA (Jewellery) degree at CSU in Wagga Wagga in 2006 and completed her Masters (Jewellery Design and Production) in 2009. She also holds a BFA (Honours) from the University of Tasmania. In 2014 she was awarded the acquisitive Premiers Award for Excellence at the Tasmanian Craft Fair. She was also awarded the prestigious Jewellers Association of Australia Jeweller of the Year award for her piece Precious Limb Bangle in 2010. This piece was subsequently awarded a Merit award at the International Jewellery Design Excellence Awards in Hong Kong in 2011. Emily was the first Australian jeweller to be recognised at these awards.Her award winning work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. 

Emily is a fellow of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia and member of the Jewellers Association of Australia – her accreditation is a testament to the quality and workmanship of her work. Emily is also Brand Tasmania ambassador. 



2022, Highly Commended & Finalist, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, SA Museum

2021, Finalist, JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) Jewellery Design Awards.
2020, Finalist, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, SA Museum
2018, Highly Commended, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, SA Museum
2017 - Overall Winner - Design Tasmania Award, Design Tasmania, Launceston 2016, Finalist, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, SA Museum
2015 - HIGHLY COMMENDED – Stand Presentation, Tasmanian Craft Fair
2014 – PREMIER’S AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE – Tasmanian Craft Fair
2014 – FINALIST National Contemporary Jewellery Award
2013 – HIGHLY COMMENDED – Premier’s Award & Craft Arts International Award Tasmanian Craft Fair
2012 – STAND PRESENTATION AWARD & HIGHLY COMMENDED Premier’s Award Tasmanian Craft Fair
2012 – TOP 10 FINALIST – Design Tasmania Award 2012
2011 – IJDE (International Jewellery Design Excellence) – Merit Award
2010 – JAA (Jewellers Association of Australia) JEWELLER OF THE YEAR
Jewellery Design Awards. Precious Metal Award & Roy Worfold
Perpetual Trophy Jeweller of the Year – Overall Winner
2008 – THIRD PRIZE – National Contemporary Jewellery Award

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