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Emily Snadden Design

Above/Below - Limb broches

Above/Below - Limb broches

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Hand carved (salvaged) ancient huon pine brooches with green qurtz and lichen details. This piece explores the blurred line between the wearable and object  – the pieces are displayed upon the wall, but elements are removable and can be worn.

Above/below is hand carved in Tasmanian huon pine which was used to reference the Salmon Gum, with gold, natural quartz and monel details, all of which are intended to suggest spring growth. The piece comprises three brooches, each of which is mounted onto an acrylic base. This base is also hand carved, from the rear with root/vein/arterial like carvings which are intended to reference both plant growth and suggest blood flow – or life force.

These pieces are intended to challenge the notion of the wearable as the three objects are both artwork (when they are displayed with the bases upon the gallery wall) and wearable (once the brooches are removed and worn upon the body). I am intrigued by the idea that these conceptual pieces can be viewed equally are artworks and as wearable objects.  

These pieces form a continuation of my exploration into the bodily likeness of the Native Salmon Gum (Eucalyptus Salmonophloia) and the wrinkles and curves of the human body. The simulation and suggestion of human like traits (skin folds, smooth texture, tone) within the branches of the tree were the inspiration for these objects.  

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