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Emily Snadden Design

Seasonal Limbs

Seasonal Limbs

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'WINNER' - Premiers Award for Excellence, Tasmanian Craft Fair 2014.

'Seasonal Limbs' - Hand carved Tasmanian Huon Pine (salvaged) sterling silver, 18ct yellow and Rose gold, high fired porcelain and stainless steel. This series continues my exploration into simulacra via the form of the native Salmon Gum. I am interested in the way the tree suggests human form through the appearance or suggestion of bodily movement, gesture and form (flesh/muscle/bone). Each brooch conceptually explores the seasonal change in growth on the branches of our native flora, for example the abundance of new spring foliage and bud growth, winter lichen, sparse and discoloured leaves of autumn and summer foliage.

*These works are now held in the permanent collection in Deloraine. 

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